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 Goment Village NPC's

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PostSubject: Goment Village NPC's   Sat May 24, 2014 6:38 pm

  • Celti- A young human boy with a shy, childish attitude. He has short, messy, blonde hair and bright baby blue eyes. He loves the outdoors and Saurians but he becomes scared too easily when he's around them. He takes an immediate liking to the player when he is rescued.
  • Dalix- A human with a carefree attitude, but he sometimes acts a little rude towards the player. He has dark brown hair and bright amber eyes. He is an Archer, clad in leather armor, and has a wooden bow with poison-dipped arrows. He is the owner of Soren and he spends most of his time outside the village, hunting the smaller creatures of Clover Fields.
  • Han- An old grey Dinaurian Raptor with pale scars and dark grey markings covering his body. He has silver eyes and a light, bitter attitude. He is the village's blacksmith and is a retired warrior. He wears worn metal armor and has a worn, but sharp silver longsword with him at all times. He is Lia's grandfather and is the chief's oldest friend.
  • Liah- A pretty white Dinaurian Raptor that takes care of the player in the beginning of the game. She has long, white feathers that stick from her head and that surround the tip of her tail, and her eyes a bright golden color. She wears a long white dress with a blue Celtic design at the bottom of the dress; she also wears a pretty ruby necklace that had been given to her by her mother.
  • Raz- A very smart, happy-go-lucky, green and blue Dinaurian Parasaur that is almost always found with a sketchbook in his hands. He has dark blue eyes and wears a white cloth shirt and leather trousers. He knows most everything about the monsters surrounding the village.
  • Siri- A beautiful violet-blue Dinaurian Diplodon with long blue hair and pretty violet eyes. She has several dark blue marking along her body and has an extremely long tail that she uses to hold just about everything she uses. She wears a long violet dress, violet cloth gloves, and long leather boots. She wears blue-rimmed glasses and always has a long ice-carved staff with her.
  • Soren- A tan Ptero-Saurian that is found outside the stables. He has orange eyes and dark colored markings on his back and wings. He has a sharp tongue and claims he's the one that runs the stables; he belongs to Dalix, the son of the stable owner.
  • Vinx- A dark green Dinaurian Parasaur with piercing blue eyes and a stern, but kind, attitude. He is the village chief and Raz's father. He wears a blue gemmed necklace that has a small white cape attached to it. His chest is bare, and he wears dark leather pants. He's always seen carrying a long wooden staff with a blue crystal on the end.


Is completed for now. If there is anything that I missed, please contact me or a moderator and we will take care of it.
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Goment Village NPC's
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