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 Judy Thornwood

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PostSubject: Judy Thornwood   Judy Thornwood EmptyThu Sep 15, 2016 7:44 pm

Username- SourCat
Game Name- Judy
Gender- Female
Age- 24
Hair/Color- Mottled browns, oranges, and white feathering (think like a calico cat but a tad darker)
Eye Color- Green
Personality-  Hostile, grumpy, rude, angry, perfectionist - loyal af when she decides she like you though, trust issues
Other Info- I based her design off of another character of mine. I'm probably going to be playing them identically so feel free to peruse the link for more details on her personality.
Edit: This board is being a butt and not letting me post said link so just pm me for the link if curious!

Class- Warrior
Favored Weapon - Bladed Gauntlets aka Tiger Claws

Race- Dinaurian, Velociraptor

Bonus Question-
What's your favorite dinosaur? Velociraptor! But as they actually are, aka feathered!
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Judy Thornwood
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