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 Rules for Dyno-V!

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Dyno King
Dyno King

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Rules for Dyno-V! Empty
PostSubject: Rules for Dyno-V!   Rules for Dyno-V! EmptyFri May 23, 2014 12:05 pm

Now, I don't want to have to put rules up here, because I want to believe that most people who play will be mature and not disrespect others or the site, but I have to.
1. No bullying on this site! Please respect others and their characters. Report directly to me if you witness any bullying on this site and I will take care of it.
2. No excessive cussing. Now, I know alot of you will in fact use a fair amount of curse words, I will often use them as well, especially in the rp. But please, don't over-use them, and certainly don't use them as an insult to other people. Excessive use of cussing will result in temporary ban.
3. Another thing that can not be happening here, is spamming posts. And I will not tolerate users who use this site to post anything other than replies to the rp's on here. You must ask me, or any moderator, to post anything unrelated to this site.
4. If you are not on for longer than a week, your account will be marked inactive. Please PM the admin or a moderator if you know you will not be on in that span of time or if you're account is marked inactive and you think it should not be.
5. And most importantly, have fun~!
Thank you, and I hope you all have a wonderful experience here on Dyno-V!
~ Dragon
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Rules for Dyno-V!
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