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 Guild NPC's

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Guild NPC's Empty
PostSubject: Guild NPC's   Guild NPC's EmptyMon May 26, 2014 12:43 pm

Guild NPC's:

  • Eri- A brown haired human witch with amber eyes and a silent personality. She's quiet and shy, but is a powerful player. She wears crystal armor and uses a range of elemental hand magic. Her pet and mount is a Maian named Mia and she dislikes carnivorous thieves; she fears the dark and is never seen without her Saurian.
  • Iris- A pretty, kind and caring, blonde haired human with golden eyes. She wears blue cloth armor with iron plates and uses duel shadow sabres for her weapons. She's an incredibly stealthy rogue and has a Pyron, named Aris, as her pet. She dislikes going through the Frosted Plains and dislikes getting attacked by Sky Saurians.
  • Myron- A blue, green eyed, Dinaurian Tricerite with a perky attitude. She loves playing with her pet, Lyon, a baby Diplodon, and likes reading. She is an archer with a full set of green feathered armor and a black forest bow. She is like a mother figure to everyone in the guild. She loves most everything in the game but dislikes electric Saurians.
  • Rex- A red and black, warrior, Dinaurian Tyran with a cheery and mostly immature attitude; he has crimson colored eyes. He loves messing around with new players and will do anything for a good spar. He wears iron armor, minus the helm, that he crafted himself and uses a greatsword as his weapon. He is powerful, but often times slow. He dislikes flying Saurians and has a fear of water. He also has a mild intellect of fire magic.
  • Siren- A snarky human with black hair and blue eyes. He wears black leather armor and a crystal crown on his head, and has a crystal bow as his weapon. He prefers to be alone, but he has a secret love for helping others who are new to the game. He dislikes tiny Saurians and has an even greater dislike of magic. His pet and mount is a Spinal named Taxl. He's bi; his girlfriend is Iris.
  • Talon- A tan, orange-eyed, Dinaurian Ptero with a lone-wolf kind of attitude. He is a wizard with sky-based magic and wears iron sky armor; he uses a hand-crafted sky staff. He dislikes newbies and players who ask too many questions. He claims to have killed at least one of every Saurian that lives in Arcadia.


Arena NPC's:

  • Coach- A black and purple Spinal warrior with dark purple eyes and a sharp sadistic attitude. She wears heavy steel armor and has a giant, rough-edged, steel blade as her weapon. She's sharp and strict and her pet and mount is even more so; her Saurian is a large Spinal, named Pyrite, that looks and acts exactly like her.
  • Dino- A male red, yellow, and black Dinaurian Archaeyx archer with piercing onyx eyes and an emotionless attitude. He wears thin leather pants and no shirt. His feet are bare, and he has two small, thin silver pistols latched onto the belt that hung loosely on his pants. His Saurian is a large black temperamental Diluscion, named Virus, who has a strong dislike for Sky Saurians.
  • Druid- A tall blue and white Proali rogue, with pretty ocean blue eyes. He wears low-hanging leather trousers that his tail hangs loosely over. He also wears a light colored shirt that has a thin white and blue cape attached to it. On his feet are a pair of light colored leather boots and on his head was a leather headband with a few feathers attached to it. Tied to his waist are two, thin, silver-blue sabres. His Saurian is a large red and brown Naryx, named Rudo, with a calm attitude like his partner.
  • Dwila- A pretty white haired human with pretty silver eyes. She wears her hair up in two pigtails. She wears a white cloth shirt and a white leather skirt with light colored pants underneath them. She also wears white cloth gloves on her hands. Her weapon is a long silver-blue Ice Staff. Her Saurian is a violet baby Maian named Lullaby, with an innocent and playful personality.


Square NPC's:

  • Able- An old, calm, collected, and sweet blue and brown skinned Dinaurian Anklyon man with soft green eyes. He runs Able's Herbs and has a deep love for plants of all kinds.
  • Honey- A young girl with bright pink hair, pulled into two long pigtails, and bright honey colored eyes. She's very hyper and childish. Her Saurian is a pretty little brown Proali named Momo. She owns the Saurian Treats & Sweets shop in the market.
  • Kisa- A tall woman with long black hair in a braid and pretty blue eyes. She's cunning but is actually rather nice. She owns the Hatchery and has a golden Xeno named Yukiro that is extremely shy around everyone but her partner.
  • Mama Tarla- A beautiful brown haired woman with warm chocolate eyes. She's the owner of Mama Tarla's Cafe and has a very motherly personality.
  • Mido- A cheery human boy with golden hair and pretty violet eyes. He's very childish, playful, and extremely loyal and honest; like his Saurian Tai, a baby Pyron who has a bad habit of chewing on leather when he's not supposed to. He runs Mido's Accessories.
  • Shadow- A tall, thin, Naryx Dinaurian, with a sour and dark personality, with scars lining his grey skin; he has pure black eyes. His Saurian is an Archaeyx, named Nero, that has the exact opposite personality than his partner; he prefers to be a Sky Saurian over any other element. He runs and owns the armor and weapons shop in the market.
  • Zito- A shady trader that has dark hair and dark colored eyes.
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Guild NPC's
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