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 Introducing Dyno-V

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Dyno King
Dyno King

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PostSubject: Introducing Dyno-V   Introducing Dyno-V EmptyFri May 23, 2014 12:08 pm

Dyno-V is a game created by Dr. Nathaniel Codex in the year 2014 for players to enjoy a whole new experience with gaming using something called the Virtual-Isis. The V-Isis is a tool invented by a group of engineers and doctors called Iso, and it was intended to give a whole new view to gaming. And it did.

The V-Isis had been used by millions of players around the world to enjoy the newest games by actually experiencing what they play. Dr. Codex had intended for the V-Isis to be used in a different way, to let the players experience it as if they were really there. Some think you truly are in the game when you use the V-Isis.

In Dyno-V, you can fight other players, chat with them, experience millions of different quests, collect treasure any non-gamer can only wish of having, and finally, you can fight, ride, and see creatures that many have only ever seen fossilized: Dinosaurs. Or, Saurians as they're called by the people that truly know them.

Do you have what it takes to go up against the strongest of Saurians? How about the champions of the game? Well? Find out in Dyno-V!

You know you want to!
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Introducing Dyno-V
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