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 Liber Antiqua

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PostSubject: Liber Antiqua   Liber Antiqua EmptyTue May 27, 2014 7:53 pm

Username- skyekitten101
Game Name- Liber (Latin for 'old cat') Antiqua (Latin for 'ancient')
Gender- Female
Age- 17
Hair Color- Long and in a braid; Tan-Brown mix
Eye Color- Yellow-green
Personality- Liber is more of a loner than most Archers are. Most archers are party people due to their lack of close combat skills, but Liber somehow makes it through.
Other Info- She has three long scars running down the back of her neck, the middle one reaching between her shoulder blades.
Class- Archer
Favored Weapon Type- Dual Pistols; Longbow
Race- Human
Favorite Dinosaur- Proailurus (if it counts as one)
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Liber Antiqua
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