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 Welcome to Dyno-V~!

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Dyno King
Dyno King

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Welcome to Dyno-V~! Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to Dyno-V~!   Welcome to Dyno-V~! EmptyMon Aug 11, 2014 1:41 am

Hi guys! And let me welcome you all to Dyno-v!

I finally decided to make a forum where any and all users can introduce theirselves to the players of the game. You can tell us anything you want about yourself, as long as it's appropriate. *chuckles*

Anyway, I'll go first, okay?

My name is Daniel and I am a blonde haired (dyed brown), blue eyed (with brown contacts), author who has a deep fascination with wolves, dragons, and dinosaurs. I'm also gay, and currently don't have a boyfriend (due to unfortunate circumstances...). My best friend is Amber, though I barely see her much now a days, and she's amazing to be around!

As I mentioned, I'm an author. I have written hundreds of stories, including fan fiction and original stories, most not finished. Though I have finished a few that are waiting to be published!

I'm more of a lone-wolf, though I love to spend time with my friends when I can.

My favorite kinds of foods are chicken, spaghetti, and chocolate!

My favorite colors are red and black and my favorite type of music is alternate rock. My favorite band is definitely Three Days Grace, though Starset and Red are quickly making their way to the top right with them!

I'm an avid writer/reader of yaoi and I have so many pairings that I can't even count or even remember how many I have. Amber says that I'm an even bigger yaoi fan-boy than she is. *sighs and then grins* Oh well.

Uh... what else? Ah uhm, the stories I've completed are- the Midnight Chronicles (Book 1), Jeweled Spirits (Book 1), and A Dragon's Tail (Tale) (Book 1).

Something more, I created Dyno-V as a way for other people to have fun, meet other people, and experience something new with role-playing. Though I know some people may not get the experience that I hope they will, others might just feel what I intended them to. In creating Dyno-V, I had hopes that people from all around the world will be able to get together and do anything they wanted, at least within the limits of the game...

I hope everything will turn out okay.

One more minor detail before I end this. In making Dyno-V, I'd decided, after many poking and prodding from my ex-friend, Alexis, to create Kieran's story. I am currently in the making of it, but it will be a long while before I can finish it. And just as a note, only when you yourself have completed a certain segment of the game, will you be able to read a part from his story.

Now, thank you to all who bothered reading this, and I dearly hope you'll have fun with this project!


~ Dragon
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Welcome to Dyno-V~!
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