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 A Greeting From Coach~

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A Greeting From Coach~ Empty
PostSubject: A Greeting From Coach~   A Greeting From Coach~ EmptySat Aug 16, 2014 10:50 am

A tall black and purple Dinaurian Spinal grins at you when you enter the gates of the Arena, dark purple eyes glinting with something unknown. She has on heavy looking iron armor, with a giant and rough looking, steel blade resting behind her. She holds out her arms, in a welcoming gesture, "Welcome to the Colosseum! The names Coach," before putting her hands on her hips and she leans down a little, the grin widening. "You looking to get in some training or are you looking for a real fight?" She snickers at this and then straightens up. "Let me introduce some of my pets; along with me, they'll be helping you around here." She turns her head and snorts, smoke coming from her nostrils. "Druid! Dwila! Dino! Get your asses over here, now!" She yells, loud and clear.

Not long after she calls them, three people come, one of them jumping from the walls above you, landing on his claws.

"You called, Coach?" The one who jumped from the walls, a male red, yellow, and black Dinaurian Archaeyx, trills. He has on thin leather pants and no shirt, his feathered wings lying limp behind him. His feet were bare also, and he had two small, thin silver pistols latched onto the belt that hung loosely on his pants. His piercing onyx eyes are staring at you as he says this.

"Yeah, I wanna give a warm welcome to the newbies to the grounds. Introduce yourselves for me, will ya?" Coach says, the ever present grin on her features, her sharp white teeth glinting in the suns.

The Archaeyx bows his head and lets out a sigh. "My name is Dino. I run the One on One battles here." He says politely and then looks to the only other female there, a pretty silver haired human.

She has pretty silver eyes and wears her hair up in two pigtails. She wears a white cloth shirt and a white leather skirt with light colored pants underneath them. She also has white cloth gloves on her hands and in one of her hands, she holds a long silver-blue staff that looks like it's made of ice. "My name is Dwila, it's nice to meet you." She smiles.

"Dwila here runs the Two on Two battles, so you'll be seeing her if you ever do those." The third and final person, a tall blue and white Dinaurian Proali, says, his voice deep and relaxed; his pretty ocean blue eyes reflecting what his voice did. "And my name is Druid, I run the Three on Three section of the Arena, and help Coach with the Tournaments that are often held around here." He has a soft smile on his face and his features are laid back, his ears tall and pointed. His tail was swishing calmly behind him, unhindered by the low-hanging leather trousers he had on. He wears a light colored shirt that has a thin white and blue cape attached to it. On his feet are a pair of light colored leather boots, seeming a little big for any human to wear, and on his head was a leather headband with a few feathers attached to it. Around his waist, you also notice two thin, silver-blue sabres, telling you he is no doubt a rogue.

"Welcome to the Arena," all three of them say in unison, each bowing in their own way, and Coach smirks, nodding her head before staring back at you.

"Hope you have fun~" she purrs in a voice that would make even the strongest of Kings shiver.
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A Greeting From Coach~
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