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 Fountain of Kings

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Dyno King
Dyno King

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PostSubject: Fountain of Kings   Fountain of Kings EmptySat Aug 16, 2014 12:20 pm

The Fountain of Kings is a rather large marble fountain with a tall, and large, statue in the center. The statue is of three Saurians: a Tyran, which stood proudly in the middle; a Spinal, which was curled around the Tyran on the left side of the Saurian; and a Charidian, which stood, curled, on the right side of the Tyran.

Several complicated stone vines curled around each King, spouting calm streams of water from various holes in the stone, showering each Saurian in the crystal water.

It seemed to draw a calm aura to the Square, able to make any Saurian, human, or Dinaurian relax in just seconds of being near the fountain.


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Fountain of Kings
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