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 "Greetings, Friend."

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"Greetings, Friend." Empty
PostSubject: "Greetings, Friend."   "Greetings, Friend." EmptySat Aug 16, 2014 12:42 pm

You enter a small shop, filled with plants of all different kinds, and a small bitter but sweet smell surrounds you. "Greetings, Friend." An old Dinaurian Anklyon, with blue and brown skin and soft green eyes, smiles at you from behind the small leafy plant he was tending too. "My name is Able and this is my humble little shop." He continues. "If there is any kind of herb or weed you need, I'm sure to have it. Just take a look around and see what you find."


Shop Inventory
-Raptor Berries (Heals Player for 50 Health)- 25 Kora
~A small, ripe red berry that smells and tastes exceedingly sweet.~
-Angel Herbs (Heals Player for Full Health)- 200 Kora
~A cute, exceedingly rare plant that smells intoxicating but has no taste when consumed. However, for full effect, these are to be applied on all wounds, not consumed.~
-Exus Weeds (Cures Poison)- 30 Kora
~Sweet smelling, dark grey-green weeds that taste bitter.~
-Danis Leaves (Cures Burn)- 25 Kora
~Poisonous bright green and red leaves that are NOT to be consumed by any creature; human, Dinaurian, or otherwise.~
-Fein Weeds (Cures Paralysis)- 25 Kora
~Dark green fern-like weeds that smell bitter and sour. These are NOT to be consumed by humans.~
-Kaleo Petals (Causes Paralysis on Touch)- 50 Kora
~Bright pink and yellow petals that are to be handled with gloves. These are NOT to be consumed by any creature; human, Dinaurian, or otherwise.~
-Miko Powder (Causes Burn on Touch)- 50 Kora
~A dark red and orange powder that is to be handled with gloves.~
-Temper Powder (Causes Poison on Touch)- 75 Kora
~A dark purple and green powder that is to be handled with gloves.~
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"Greetings, Friend."
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