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 From the Shadows...

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Dyno King
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From the Shadows... Empty
PostSubject: From the Shadows...   From the Shadows... EmptySat Aug 16, 2014 12:48 pm

A dark aura surrounds you when you enter the old shop that said Shadow's Armor & Weapons. "Buy your armor or weapons and get out." A voice hisses to you from the back and you see a tall, thin, Naryx Dinaurian with scars lining his grey skin; his onyx eyes glaring at you. There was a sleeping Sky Archaeyx on the counter beside him, seemingly un-bothered by the dark atmosphere. Weapons lined the walls and some of the shelves and armor sat on doll-like items, showing for everyone to see.


Armor Inventory
-Leather Helm (D-6)- 30 Kora
-Leather Headband (D-5)- 25 Kora
-Leather Shirt (D-6)- 30 Kora
-Leather Dress (D-6)- 30 Kora
-Leather Pants (D-6)- 30 Kora
-Leather Skirt (D-5)- 30 Kora
-Leather Shorts (D-5)- 30 Kora
-Leather Gloves (D-4)- 20 Kora
-Leather Boots (D-4)- 20 Kora


Weapons Inventory
-Iron Shortsword (A-10)- 20 Kora
-Iron Longsword (A-12)- 40 Kora
-Iron Greatsword (A-15)- 60 Kora
-Iron Hammer (A-10)- 40 Kora
-Iron Axe (A-11)- 40 Kora
-Iron Mace (A-11)- 40 Kora
-Iron Knives (A-10)- 25 Kora
-Iron Daggers (A-10)- 25 Kora
-Iron Sabres (A-11)- 30 Kora
-Wooden Staff (A-10)- 30 Kora
-Wooden Wand (A-7)- 20 Kora
-Wooden Shortbow (A-6)- 25 Kora
-Wooden Longbow (A-8)- 30 Kora
-Iron Pistols (A-12)- 50 Kora


Ammo Inventory
-Wooden Arrows (x50) (A-1)- 10 Kora
-Iron Arrows (x50) (A-2)- 20 Kora
-Fire Arrows (x50) (A-2)- 30 Kora
~Causes Burn on Hit.~
-Poison Arrows (x50) (A-2)- 30 Kora
~Causes Poison on Hit.~
-Thunder Arrows (x50) (A-2)- 30 Kora
~Causes Paralysis on Hit.~
-Iron Shot (x30) (A-2)- 30 Kora
-Fire Shot (x30) (A-2)- 40 Kora
~Causes Burn on Hit.~
-Poison Shot (x30) (A-2)- 40 Kora
~Causes Poison on Hit.~
-Thunder Shot (x30) (A-2)- 40 Kora
~Causes Paralysis on Hit.~
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From the Shadows...
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