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 Meeting Mido~

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Meeting Mido~ Empty
PostSubject: Meeting Mido~   Meeting Mido~ EmptySat Aug 16, 2014 12:52 pm

When you enter the shop, you're immediately assaulted by a voice that shouts out immediately upon noticing you. "Ah, a customer!" A cheery human calls, smiling, his golden hair falling neatly around his head and partly over his pretty violet eyes. "Are you looking for something stylish, or something battle worthy? Or maybe something a bit both?" He motions to the shelves lined with necklaces, bracelets, head accessories, collars, and other accessories. "I have it all, I do~!"


Shop Inventory
-Leather Belt (D-2)- 30 Kora
-Leather Collar (D-1)- 30 Kora
-Iron Collar (D-4)- 50 Kora
-Magic Earrings (D-1)- 25 Kora
~No Effect...~
-Magic Necklace (D-1)- 25 Kora
~No Effect...~
-Magic Ring (D-1)- 25 Kora
~No Effect...~
-Long Cloth Scarf (D-2)- 30 Kora
-Short Cloth Scarf (D-2)- 30 Kora
-Simple Floating Orbs (D-6)- 100 Kora
~Adds +20 Health when Equipped.~
-Magic Scarf (D-4)- 50 Kora
~Adds +20 Mana when Equipped.~
-Enchanted Feather Headband (D-4)- 75 Kora
~Adds +20 Stamina when Equipped.~
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Meeting Mido~
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