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 Kieran's Saurian(+Bonus Saurian)

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Kieran's Saurian(+Bonus Saurian) Empty
PostSubject: Kieran's Saurian(+Bonus Saurian)   Kieran's Saurian(+Bonus Saurian) EmptySun Aug 17, 2014 6:03 pm

Saurian: Velon
Name: Allagon
Partner: Kieran
Size: Allagon is six feet tall and is eight feet long, from his muzzle to the tip of his feathered tail.
Gender: Male
Element: Sky
Personality: Allagon acts mostly like Kieran: shy, childish, playful, and loyal. He's also very protective, possessive, and he gets embarrassed and angered quite easily; also much like his rider.
Other: Allagon met Kieran on the fabled Sky Islands that rest high above the land of Arcadia; however, despite the constant presence of the young Dinaurian, he didn't warm up to him until he was saved by Kieran. Allagon had lost his family to hunters and has a strong dislike to humans and has a hard time trusting anyone. Rumors are that Allagon is blind, but no one but Kieran truly knows if that's true.


There are hints that Kieran's other half, Codex, also has a Saurian. A Shadow Velon by the name of Dionaero that is said to have taken a great liking to Allagon. His personality is about the same as Codex's: serious but kind, and he is extremely possessive and protective, but only of Allagon. He is a bit larger than Allagon, but not by much.
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Kieran's Saurian(+Bonus Saurian)
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