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 Party NPC's

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PostSubject: Party NPC's   Thu Aug 21, 2014 3:02 pm

  • Alik Toru- A kind, caring, loving, loyal, and shy human warlock with short golden hair and gold eyes. Alik grew up with no parents, having to take care of his three younger siblings by his self. He had to leave them in the care of someone else when he became very sick, and he wasn’t able to get them back when he’d gotten better. He’d taken to studying magic since he was really little and had left his home to become stronger so he could protect those he cares about and loves without the help of others. His sexuality is unknown. His Saurian is a large black and gold Xeno, named Bioru, who is very protective of him. Alik Toru's armor and weapons are unknown.
  • Kiana Ki- An out-going, creative, bouncy, hyper-active, and careless human rogue with short black, red-tipped, hair and onyx eyes. Her history is unknown, but she reveals, quite unashamedly, that she is in fact gay. Her Saurian is a medium sized, blue and violet teenage Diplodon that acts very much like an older sister to Kiana. Kiana Ki's weapons and armor are unknown.
  • Vila Gard- A stern, cautious, and loyal human warrior who always speaks her mind. She has long, red hair that is normally always put in a braid, and dark purple eyes. Vila used to be a soldier from Norath before everything went to hell. She was once married and had one child, a beautiful baby girl; they both died in a fire caused by a raid from enemy soldiers. Vila is as straight as an iron sword. Her Saurian is a large male Charidian named Solek, which means Captain, that used to be a soldier; he wears old rusted steel armor that was used in his old war days. Vila Gard's weapons and armor are unknown.
  • Yuro- A calm, easy-going, honest human archer who has lived most of his life on his own, with his Saurian Ai, an Archaeyx who normally always prefers to be either Sky or Electric. He has neck-length white hair and ice blue eyes. Yuro is a lone ranger kind of person that always sticks to his self, though he never fails to help another in need. He grew up living in the forests of Arcadia, living side-by-side with the plants and the creatures of the woods and learning their ways. He claims he can talk to Saurians. He is bi. Yuro's weapons and armor are unknown.

Other Info:

  • If your player character is a human girl, Kiana will generally hit on you as a greeting; if she and Vila are in the same party, she'll try her hardest to hit on Vila, knowing that the warrior is hopelessly straight.
  • If your player character is human, whether it be a girl or a guy, Yuro will tend to greet you with either a suggestive comment, or a kiss to the hand(if you are a girl), or both. He'll quickly lose interest in you though when you begin to travel with him.
  • If Yuro and Alik are in the same party, later in the game they will have developed feelings for one another. If Yuro is not in the party, the player will notice Alik is a tad bit lonely. If Alik is not in the party, the player will notice Yuro constantly sending his Archaeyx out, seeming like he was searching for something, only to have Ai come back with nothing to show.
  • Alik Toru is unavailable to warlock/witch players.
  • Kiana Ki is unavailable to rogue players.
  • Vila Gard is unavailable to warrior players.
  • Yuro is unavailable to archer players.
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Party NPC's
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