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Dyno King
Dyno King

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Kieran(Admin) Empty
PostSubject: Kieran(Admin)   Kieran(Admin) EmptyFri May 23, 2014 1:25 pm

Username- DynoRyder
Game Name- Kieran
Gender- Male
Age- 21
Hair/Color- Long, fluffy, and black. It's almost always tied in a pony-tail, though only near the end.
Eye Color- Forest green.
Personality- A mix between childish and mature.
Other Info- No family. Scars lining back, arms, chest, and tail. Sexuality is gay.
Class- Warrior.
Favored Weapon Type- Longswords and Greatswords.
Race- Dinaurian: a black, feathered, Velociraptor.
Favorite Dinosaur- Velociraptor.
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